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Harary, Blue - Achieving the ‘cool down’ state



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

Harary  maintains that his OBEs occur quite naturally as a result of quieting down the body. ln a description of his technique, which he wrote especially for this book, he says:

Prior to experiencing an "at will" OBE, I induce an initial "cooling down" of my physical body. This is simply my allowing a feeling of relaxed numbness to spread through the physical body so that it will be out of my immediate conscious awareness.

During my early attempts at an "at will" OBE, I would reach this state of relaxed numbness by suggesting to myself that each part of my body would, in turn, begin to feel very heavy, warm, and relaxed. I would usually work from my feet up to my head in this way, allowing all outside thoughts to passively drift through my mind. During this "cooling down" phase, I would also suggest to myself that, if I wished, I could have an OBE and that the slightest disturbance of the physical body would immediately terminate the experience. When this was done, I was able to have an OBE.

After much practice I found that it become more and more simple for my body to enter the "cooled down" state.

Eventually all I would need to do would be to suggest to myself that I would relax, that I would be able to have on OBE, and that there would be no difficulty of any sort (as there could not be difficulty unless I allowed it to occur or unless I was in an unpleasant state psychologically).

A few moments after the suggestion has been given, I usually achieve the "cooled down" state "automatically," I need only concentrate on where it is I wish to "go" in the OBE, and I will go there.

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Harary, Blue

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