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Muldoon, Sylvan - Loneliness allayed



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From Projection of the Astral Body – Muldoon and Carrington 1929

It was one of those strange moonlight evenings when the very atmosphere seemed filled with a weird quietude; it was in the summer of 1924. I had left home shortly after the evening meal, and had gone down to the village. Nothing seemed to interest me, that night, and I seemed under the spell of some indescribable loneliness.

I walked up one side of the street and down the other, and eventually came to rest upon a bench which stood in front of one of the garages. There I sat for some time, wondering and thinking of the “whys and wherefores" of life, and I recall looking up many times at the bright, beaming moon above, and feeling angry with myself to think that I could not fathom it all. Finally, in disgust, I went home, entered my room, locked the door and flung myself across the bed.

I had lain there but a short time when my attention was drawn to the fact that a sort of cool wave was passing over me, and that my arms and limbs seemed to be getting numb. I reached down and pinched my hip, but could feel nothing. Next, I did the same with my arm, but it too seemed insensible. I am sure that a needle could have been pushed into my flesh and that I should not have felt it at the time.

In a few minutes I was unable to move. My motive power had now left me, and I lay (conscious) for several minutes in this condition. It was, undeniably, a very unpleasant condition: I was conscious, but unable to see, hear, feel or move; I felt as though consciousness alone existed within me. However, it was not such an unusual experience for me, and, knowing what was about to happen, I remained calm in mind, ready for another conscious excursion in my astral body.

I was moved upward in the air, then outward to a distance of about ten feet, where my sense of sight once more began to function. As is often the case, everything at first seemed blurred about me, as though the room were filled with steam, or white clouds, half transparent; as though one were looking through an imperfect window-pane, seeing blurry objects through it. This condition is but temporary, however - lasting, as a rule, about a minute in practically all conscious projections.

So, presently, I could see normally in the astral body. From this spot I was moved, by the controlling intelligence, into the upright position, and placed upon my feet on the floor of the room, swaying about, as I have stated one often does, through cord-action. When I advanced outside cord-activity range, I was once more free and normal, and walked through the house for a short time, then outside and into the street.

No sooner had I got into the street than an almost bewildering scene surrounded me, and I found that I was in a strange house, I knew not where. I realized at once that I had travelled there at the supernormal speed, but why I had done so remained a problem.

So I looked about me, wondering if, by chance, the inner intelligence had shot me there for a purpose. Four people were in the room, one of them a girl of about seventeen.

Still, I could see no reason for my being there. Knowing from experience that if one does not use his own conscious Will, while projected in the astral body, his subconscious Will will control him, I reasoned in this manner : ' I will not try to see or understand why I am here. I will just allow the crypto-conscious mind to move me about.' So I relaxed my conscious mind, centreing my thoughts upon being shown the reason for my landing in this strange place, amid these strange people.

No sooner had I done so than my body moved, without effort on my part, to a position directly in front of the young lady - who, by the way, was sewing upon a black dress. Still, I could see no reason for my being there ; so I went about the room again, taking visual notes of various objects. There seemed nothing for me to do but to go home again - wherever that was - for this flight, so far as I knew, had been purposeless.

Just before willing that I should go back to my physical body, I took one last look about the place, outside and in, and saw that it was a farmhouse. Instantly I was back in my own room again, looking down at my physical body which still lay upon the bed. As I have always been a little careful about extensive projections, I decided to get back into the physical, and did so, merely by willing that I should enter my body and moving toward it. (One has in fact difficulty in preventing interiorization, if he is near the physical body.)

Six weeks passed; I had almost forgotten this experience, for it was not unlike many other distant projections. Then one afternoon, as I was coming home, I saw a girl get out of a car, which she was driving, and enter one of the neighbouring houses. Immediately, I recognized her as the young lady I had seen that night, six weeks before, in the farmhouse, when I had been projected on my astral body.

My curiosity was immediately aroused. I loitered about, waiting for her to come out of the house for I knew she did not live there. Eventually she did come out and walked to her car, and I lost no time in accosting her, saying, almost bluntly, " Excuse me, but where do you live ? "

To this, I received the reply, " None of your business” she, of course, thinking me forward and impertinent.

However, I did succeed in talking to her, and, in doing so, told her that I had seen her before, and knew what her home looked like, and even described it to her, to convince her that I had seen her home. My description was so perfect that, on hearing it, she was not so aloof and began to talk more freely, wondering who had told me all this, and asked how I knew these things, when I did not know where she lived.

One thing led to another. I began to like her. I have seen her many times since, have seen her home (exactly as it was in the conscious projection) which is fifteen miles, as the crow flies, from my own home. I have even convinced her that astral projection is possible, for she has since seen me projected into her room. She is at the present time, in fact, a very close friend of mine, and is the young lady with whom I have since tried so many experiments.

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Muldoon, Sylvan

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