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The Mystical Life – J H M Whiteman

(March 18, 1951). During a flying dream, reflection on the movement caused awareness of the inner currents and their gradual steadying.  Upon the decision to adopt the motion of walking instead, my feet came to rest on the ground, the mental impression being definite and substantial.  A dog like a setter was seen on the right, and I approached with a wish to fondle it. A return to the physical state quickly ensued, from some cause unknown.

(November 1940). In the course of a dream, while seeming to walk along a raised path, I became aware of flowing currents in space. Consciousness in separation followed, and objective perception of walking.  The mind then became more recollected, so that there was a general view of sunlight, golden in quality. Buildings were around, and by a voluntary strengthening of recollection I gained some ability to bring these into clear perception, and see the bright sunlight on some of the walls.

(October l,1949) In a flying dream, reflection on the incongruous method of progress (by flapping the arms) caused wakefulness within followed by a decision to cease that movement and observe things rationally. The separated form then appeared horizontal, on its back. Its relation to the physical body was rather obscure, but it appeared to be at a higher level, above the bed, and in slight movement. It then lifted up gradually to a normal walking position. During that process stars in the night sky were distinctly seen above. Proceeding to walk, I turned right, in at the gate of a house, the state now beginning to resemble dream, and the experience broke off.

(July 9, 1942).I became aware of flying, in a state of separation. Studying the condition revealed a strange but vividly objective feeling of muscular action at the back of the shoulders, as if wings were being used.

A beautiful panorama was seen below.

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Whiteman, J H M

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