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Harary, Blue – And a shared out-of-body experience with both George and a woman from Maine



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

The following experience has been reported by Keith Harary

For some time I had been accustomed to having out-of-body experiences at times when I was otherwise asleep, Then about a year ago (1971) I shared a particularly interesting experience with my closest friend.

During waking hours before the experience I had been remembering an old woman friend who was separated from me by time and distance, I felt a strong personal desire to speak to this woman, to find out how she had been doing and to let her know that all was well with me.

After I fell asleep that night, I found myself floating out of my body which lay below me on the bed. I had this experience many times in the past and so was not surprised at its recurrence, I was, however, thankful for its occurrence at the time because this meant to me that I could travel while out of my body to find my old woman friend who was in Maine at the time while I was in New York.

Before I left the area to find the woman, one of my spiritual guides remarked to me that I should bring my close friend George with me on my out-of-body journey to Maine, I concentrated on George and soon was floating above him where he lay asleep on his bed, I awoke George's out-of-body self and he held out his hands to me and smiled. I grasped George's hands and pulled him up out of his body, which remained still on the bed below us, I informed George of my traveling plans and he readily decided to accompany me. None of this seemed the least bit unusual to either of us while we were in our out-of body states.

George and I passed through some sort of an atmospheric barrier and entered another level of existence. From this level, the distance to Maine seemed much shortened, and we could walk there in a few hours. On the way to Maine, George and I walked through wooded areas, and up and down green, rolling hills. At one point when we stopped to rest on a hillside which was near our destination, George began to wander too close to a pool of pink, hot bubbling liquid.  I warned George not to wander too close to the pool because it was very dangerous, even while in an OBE state.

We reached an area through which we could pass to return to our original Earth level and be in Maine near where we thought the woman we sought would be.

To their surprise, the two projectors found that their friend had also projected and met them out-of-body in this higher world. She was elderly, had reddish-blond hair, and high cheekbones. They all spoke together for some time, and then Blue accompanied George back to his body (via a passageway out of the higher world), and then returned to his New York home and re-entered his own.

I didn't see George again until later on the next day, (He was in his physical body, and so was l.) When he first saw me an odd expression passed over his face and he began to speak my name and to start a sentence which he forgot in the middle of speaking it. Not mentioning the night before, I asked him what was wrong. He said that when he awoke in the morning he had the strongest sensation of having forgotten something. He said he couldn't figure out what it was that he could have forgotten but that the sensation was overwhelming to him. I didn't offer him any clues.  He also said that when he had first seen me a few moments ago a brief flash of "something" hit him and then he "lost what it was or what it meant." It wasn't until very much later in the evening when George remembered what had happened the night before.

He was sitting on his living room floor when a sudden strange look come across his face (he had been discussing dreams). His expression seemed at once to convey fear, awe, and bliss. He held his hands over his eyes and then pointed a finger at me and looking up with a shocked expression said "last night!"

I looked at him trying to maintain composure and not yet show him the joy which I experienced at his apparent sudden recall of our mutual OBE experience, "Yes?" I asked him. He then proceeded to ask me if we had been out of our bodies together the previous night and if what seemed so real to him at the time actually was a real experience. I told him very little at first and asked him to tell me all of the details that he could remember.

"A lady," he said; "there was this fantastic lady."

"Was she an elderly lady?" I asked him.

"Yes, but not with grey hair like most old ladies," he answered; "with reddish blond hair and with high cheekbones."

I asked him about the experience we had while resting on the hill. He remembered that there had been a danger there and seemed to remember the pink, bubbling liquid from my description of it after he mentioned "something about a pool." From what we could piece together, both George and I shared the same out of body journey that evening.

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Harary, Blue

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