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An interesting case of Bilocation - Dr Gerda Walther - The experience of a Mr and Mrs Jansen from Bornholm



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Under the title "An interesting case of Bilocation", Dr Gerda Walther related the experience of a Mr and Mrs Jansen in Journ. American S.P.R., 1923.  Summarised by Dr Robert Crookall in More Astral projections

The former was away from home (on the Isle of Bornholm) on business, his whereabouts being unknown to his wife. The latter mentally "looked for him, though in vain, in all the various towns which he usually visited." She then concentrated on her husband (instead of on the possible towns). Suddenly she had a vision of Mr Jansen. He was going along an alley and into a house which was unknown to her. He entered a room, undressed and went to bed.

The next day she wrote to her husband (addressed to Copenhagen) and told him about her vision.

That evening Jansen had been in Randers, a small town that his wife had never seen. After a short walk down an alley, he returned to his hotel and went to bed. Suddenly Jansen saw the figure of his wife standing beside his bed. The description which Mrs Jansen eventually gave of the alley and hotel corresponded to where he had been that night.

Dr Walther considered this to be a case of bilocation (and not merely telepathy, because Mrs Jansen's 'double' was seen beside Mr Jansen's bed, which object was not in her mind). The author continued, "As she was thinking of him and of what he was doing, equally he was thinking of her and made no mental picture of himself walking about, undressing or lying down as he would appear to the eye of another person in the same room. The case would be otherwise if he had only taken up what was in her mind and she had taken up only what was in his !"

These arguments are sound: they indicate a high probability that Mrs Jansen's 'double' was exteriorized from the physical body.

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