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Harary, Blue – Do not project in thunderstorms or go near powerlines in an OBE



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

When I travelled to Durham, North Carolina, in 1973 to work at the Psychical Research Foundation, I met and spent six weeks working with S. Keith Harary (called Blue), a Duke University undergraduate who could induce OBEs at will. During those weeks, Blue demonstrated his ability to leave the body, travel to distant locations, “see” what was going on there, make animals react to his presence, and even cause his apparition to appear on rare occasions.

However, Blue was adamant about one thing. He would not project during thunderstorms or when such a storm was threatening. He felt that the electrical build-up in the atmosphere hampered his abilities and disoriented him. He also disliked approaching any kind of powerlines during his projections. Sometimes, he told me, he would get "caught”, by the lines and become stuck to them.

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Harary, Blue

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