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There are two things that seem to produce an almost instantaneous return to your body, thus if you want to prolong the experience 

  • Don't panic, fear can send you back, principally by drawing you out of the relaxed state
  • Don't associate with yourself by thinking 'oh that's me' – it isn't really 'you' it is your body – by associating more strongly with your embodied self than your spirit self you get drawn back to your body

A description of the experience

Out of the Body Experiences – Celia Green

  1. Then on my left a group of white coated figures, bending over something on the floor.  Suddenly I realised that that something was me.  And immediately I flashed back into my body with the speed of light
  2. My figure below was typing as I watched, but ceased and remained motionless, leaning forward slightly over the typewriter.  I am afraid the only item I then saw which I had never seen before was the back of my own neck.  I don't say this facetiously, but simply because the fact sent me into a complete panic, and I had a most violent struggle, devoid of any really physical sensation, before I could return

  3. I remember floating in my bedroom turning very slowly;  as I came to face the bed I saw myself laid in bed asleep, almost at the same instant I seemed to float back into myself, I then woke up

  4. I had time to scrutinise my face with its closed eyes and peaceful expression, I remember saying 'It's me' instantly I began to fall... in a fraction of a second – or so it seemed – I opened my eyes

  5. My interest was captured by the surrounding country which I would see more of as I drifted higher.  This continued for a short while, perhaps a minute or so, until I saw some people approaching.  At this I looked back and became afraid as I was some way from my body and I thought 'I must get back'

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