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Fox, Oliver - False awakening 02



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A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

After the sun had set, I lay down on the sofa to experiment.  My eyes were closed; but presently…. I could ‘see’ the room quite plainly and my wife sitting sewing by the fire.  I also felt a numbness creeping up my legs and the old disinclination, or inability, to move.  This told me I had attained the trance condition.  As before, I just willed to leave my body and then found myself standing on the lamplit pavement outside the house.  I walked along the street for a short distance and entered a grocer’s shop.  This was full of customers, but no one took any notice of me.

I wished to see whether I should be visible to the grocer; but my body called me back, and I thought that I woke.  The room seemed just as real as in waking life, but at that moment a brightly plumaged parrot flew over my head and through the wall.  I then knew, from observing this illusion, that I had experienced the false awakening and was still in the trance condition.  However, before I could make another excursion some noise broke the trance.

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Fox, Oliver

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