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Mrs S.B.L. goes out of body in a coma and describes the impressions she felt during her unconscious state



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from the American S.E.P. Journal (1918, p. 629).

[also quoted in Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

Professor Hyslop knows the author personally, but only publishes the initials of her name.

Mrs S.B.L. describes a long-term disability that struck her, during which she had a period of crisis that dragged her to the edge of the grave in a long phase of catalepsy and coma. She describes in these terms the impressions she felt during her unconscious state:

" My first conscious feeling was the feeling of being a feeling deprived of any notion of personality and place. I felt myself slowly rising - like a fog rising in the sun - and carried to the foot of the bed.

Then came the awareness of space (these are expressions that will seem ridiculous, but I describe what I felt) in the form of something as wide as a head, and finally I suddenly became myself, floating in the air at the foot of the bed, and from there, I saw my body lying under the blanket...

Seeing myself also livid and inert, I was seized with an inexpressible sense of terror. I saw the doctor leaning over me, his hand feeling my pulse, and intuitively I understood that at that moment there was nothing in the world for him that could interest him more than to perceive one of my pulsations. Behind the doctor, I saw a ghost bigger than him, whose existence I could not explain to myself and still cannot explain to me today, since I saw the other people present under their natural appearance.

Turning around, I saw a table placed against the wall... which had the shape of an inverted box lid. I had never seen anything like it before. Three nurses were around, carrying out the doctor's orders with a feverish speed...

After that, I walked towards the door, without moving my feet, slipping suspended in the air. I walked through it, passed through the living room, down the grand staircase and found myself in the street, which seemed splendidly lit to me, but without any passers-by.

At that moment I was overwhelmed by an ineffable sense of bliss: that of a human creature who possessed health, beauty, wealth, reputation and honours,  and all the joys of life, without ever having known any boredom, pain, suffering or pain, and who, in spite of that, would not have the slightest idea of the joy and happiness she would experience for the first time.

It was the most perfect heavenly bliss I have ever experienced in this world, where everything was perfect.

I have only one daughter. Well, at that moment, if I had remained like that as a spirit, it would not have been a misfortune that struck her, nor could it have grieved me, for I knew that nothing could happen that was not for her greatest good: I had the feeling that the whole universe was sustained and guided by an infinite spirit, by an infinite love, by an infinite wisdom; I felt that evil did not exist, that the tribulations through which every creature passes were for her the way that led to perfection. If I had been asked the source of my science of perfection, which was making me happy at that moment, I would not have known what to say.

"That was all. I lost consciousness in the spiritual atmosphere and woke up in the world of the living. I don't know anything more; I can't explain to myself what happened..."

"Three years later, I met one of the nurses who had treated me at the hospital. I described to her the curious table that I had seen unconscious, and asked her if there was anything similar in the hospital. She looked at me, stunned, and said: "Yes, we have those kind of tables you described, moving on wheels. They are thus constructed to prevent objects of varying roundness from falling to the ground. And we always keep them perfectly equipped, in case of extreme emergency."

The memory of what happened to me is for me an inexpressible spiritual comfort..."


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