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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections – Ernest Hall of Hudson Road, Southsea has many OBEs



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Dr Robert Crookall – More Astral projections

Case No. 267 - Ernest Hall of Hudson Road, Southsea, sent the following to the Daily sketch, on Oct. 10, 1960:

I have had many out-of-the-body experiences over a period of fifteen years. It was many years before I understood them and they caused me great discomfort of mind. Now I understand the phenomena and how to end it when I have had enough.

On several occasions I have projected under my own control, or so I think. But it is mostly involuntary, and takes me by surprise, during periods of relaxation. Nor have I had the presence of mind to direct myself to any special purpose, since I get lost in the wonder of it.

In the first willed projection, I lay in bed, deeply relaxed, late at night. A beautiful moon shone through the window. Presently a most strange sensation passed through my body. Next I floated out through the window and across the town. I seemed to be several hundred feet above the ground. On my left I observed a power-station, on my right a railway, ahead of me the harbour and the sea. ... I was not conscious of the body. At this stage I became afraid and earnestly desired to be back. Almost at once it was so ...

The power-station, railway and harbour I checked during the next few days and the positions were correct.

I have had many experiences of moving at great speed and scenes of town and country - never familiar scenes. Several times I have observed my own body.

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