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Rene Magritte and J H M Whiteman



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Case 1 - I close my eyes and cncentrate on the person.  I seem to project my consciousness forward and in a few minutes I see the friend.  It is as if I am looking through the reverse end of a telescope.  At other times I seem to be actually in the room with the friend..

Case 2 a Miss Okeden - I close my eyes and have a feeling of going over backwards and I find myself gong down a long dim tunnel.  At the far end is a tiny speck of light which grows as I approach into a large square.  In nearly every case I can describe the room my friends are in

The Mystic Life - J H M Whiteman

In one of my experiences I seemed to pass through a tunnel in a dream like stage and emerged through the opening at the end into a scene in bright sunlight

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Magritte, René

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