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Braveheart - Rivers, lochs and nymphs



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I am standing on a flat rock by a river bank. The river is very wide. The sun is hot and I am (as usual) naked with burnished gold skin. On my river journeys I have not had my Ankh, I don't know why.  I go to dive into the water and instead of going in I skim it like a swallow. Faster and faster I fly a few feet from the surface, twisting and turning with the river's course. Like a cruise missile.

I come to a kind of cliff down which crashes a waterfall. I plunge into the pool under it. I spend some time swimming around under water, there is nothing to note in the pool. I break the surface and swim over to where the waterfall crashes in, spray everywhere. I position myself right under it: great pressure of water on me. I turn my face into it, the force is very great. I 'think my way up' and rise through the waterfall upwards. The mental effort is huge, my body relaxed.

About half way up I move out of the cataract and behind it towards the cliff face. There I step onto a rock ledge. It is small and precarious. My helpers appear and crowd around me, holding me tightly. They are singing in a language I do not recognise.

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