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Delos - 06 Ivory plaque



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Ivory comes from Africa and from India, not from Greece.  The ‘helmet’ is a priest’s cap, the shield is the hero’s shield and it has  8 sides because it is representing the wheel with 8 spokes.  The spear is a rod or staff.  This is a hierophant not a warrior, and his plaque was buried because he was being replaced and his sanctuary built over by the new religion.

Delos was part of the old Mycenaean empire

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Ivory plaque (no. B.7069), supposedly representing a ‘Mycenaean warrior’ in relief. According to the museum entry ‘he is carrying an 8-shaped shield and a long spear and has on a helmet made of wild boar's teeth’. The plaque was found under the Artemision, along with other ivory, gold and bronze objects. Dated to 1400-1200 BC.




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