Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Braveheart - Crossing the bridge



Type of Spiritual Experience


If you see a bridge in a vision or dream or hallucination and you cross it successfully you have generally gone beyond your soul and entered the realm of what a new age person might call ‘the common consciousness’ in effect you are free to travel the universe and see all the other cones as well as the cones of the Creator and Created. 

It is a major milestone in the journey of anyone on the spiritual path, as it shows they have in effect become an initiate – a fully fledged shaman – a person who has found the ‘spiritual pearl’ which is what our observer below has done – he has beaten all his demons and helped by his spirit helpers gained the bridge where he is given the oyster [it isn’t a clam] with the pearl of spiritual wisdom in it .

A description of the experience

I went again to the swirling column between sea and sky. I knew instinctively that I should go up. The walls glowed yellow turning to bright orange. I was ejected upwards with some force and all the time a chorus of singing women filled my senses. I was vertical, floating with hair even longer than before - down to my knees thick golden and curling. From three directions fast came each of my Trinity. They collided with me together and squeezed me between them. They each reached between my legs, forming a saddle as it were with their hands. They lifted me upwards and I gently flew.

Very soon I was with large-winged soaring birds looking down - it was as if I were one of them. My hair splayed all around my naked body: my penis pointing vertically down. Below I could see black flying beings rising in small swarms towards me. They never made it high enough to reach me. Large conical peaks pushed out from a low cloud-blanket. There were two peaks much higher than the others, and a short way below their summits they were joined by a kind of bridge.

The bridge was long and thin with tall towers at each end coming out of the peaks' sides. I glided down to look at the bridge. As I got closer I could see a steady stream of walking beings going in one direction across it. The beings had long legs, big heads, small bodies and arms.

Directly below the bridge the cloud thinned and I could see a city with yellow-brown flat-topped roofs. Beings similar to those on the thin long bridge were in the city's streets. They were throwing what seemed like parcels up to the bridge but it was too high for any of them to reach. I glided down and caught a parcel and opened it. Inside was something resembling a shellfish, like an oblong clam. Curious, I tried to prise it open. It would not budge. I peeled away through the air to the bridge and came right down on it. Holding the clam-like object in my left hand I stretched it out towards a being on the bridge.

It took the clam, which immediately opened, emitting a blinding pale yellow light that suffused everything.

I woke in a profound sweat.

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