Symbols - What does heaven look like


The spiral has more than one meaning.  It can represent the gyre – the basic unit of energy of the universe.

Alternatively it can also represent a portal.  Vortexes of energy can occur within spiritual experiences and are frequently a means of travel from one level or layer to another acting somewhat like a tunnel.  Thus the out-of-body traveller may find himself or herself picked up in one area and dropped in another – all this remember is within the experience

If the sign is placed on a rock or stone a spiral sign can mean that that is the spot where this may happen.  In other words this spot can produce a spiritual experience.

In the picture below we have the ultimate spiral marker at New Grange County Meath in Ireland.

A clockwise spiral is generally regarded as a portal to ‘the sun’ – symbol of exit from reincarnation, an anti-clockwise portal as a portal to ‘the moon’ symbol of reincarnation

Double spirals are also possible.

The spiral by association is also connected to the spiritual path and clockwise movement is regarded as ascension, whereas anti-clockwise movement is descension – descent.

The Order of Creation was a spiral  commencing from the centre and the Ultimate Intelligenceand proceeding outwards system by system.  Thus a spiral can also be used in this context as representing creation.

By extension the anticlockwise movement represents destruction, whilst the clockwise movement represents creation.


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