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Isaac Luria - Etz chaim shaar 1 anaf 1 - Ein Sof



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Marc Chagall

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Ein Sof according to Isaac Luria – Etz chaim shaar 1 anaf 1

Behold from the period and time that the lights and the worlds began to spread forth and be emanated, from then all created beings came into existence one after another until matters came to the situation as it is now.

This was done according to the order of the spreading forth and emanation in  atemporal sequence one after the other.  It would not have been possible to bring forward or delay the creation of this world, for each world was created after the creation of the word above it. 

All the worlds were created, expanded, emanated and continued one below the other, at different and succeeding times until the time of the creation of this world was reached.  This was then created in the time that was fitting for it, after the creation of the higher worlds above it.

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