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Enel (Michel Vladimirovitch Skariatine) - La Langue Sacree - The unit of energy and the Word



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Michel Vladimirovich Skariatine, was born on  6 May 1893 in Saint Petersbourg.  He was a Kabbalist

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LA LANGUE SACREE by Enel (Michel Vladimirovitch Skariatine)

The nature of the action, and the vital movement, convey the divine word... as the first manifestation of the world's beginnings .. the creative action irradiated by the word continues and develops into all the varied manifestations of life; its sign is a curving spiral – a pattern of the universe, representing the cosmic forces in action.  From the point of view of the microcosm, as an expression, that is, of man's labours, the sign corresponding to the cosmic spiral is the squared spiral – the pyramid – a sign of construction.

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Judaism and Kabbalah

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