Symbols - What does heaven look like


The symbol of the swastika is a very difficult one to unravel.  It is related to the symbol Aleph.  Part of the symbol for the Set square is also incorporated into the symbol.

In order to explain it, we need to take the symbol apart.  If we look at just one of the legs, it resembles a person kneeling with their body level, and their legs bent.  And indeed this is exactly what it was meant to represent, as it shows the posture adopted during the final Initiation ceremony of the Mystery religions, when the energy is directed up the spine to provoke a controlled kundalini experience.

The other part of the symbol shows the person who provokes that experience, as we can see in the picture above from the  the Villa of the Mysteries at Pompei, but it has the added rather neat symbolism in that it also shows the effect, a sort of spiral or whirlwind of energy whizzing round and round like a Catherine wheel up the spine.

This is of course also shown in symbols like the Caduceus.



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