Spiritual concepts

Word notation system

The Word is the programming language of the universe – the spiritual world.  So we might ask was there or is there any historic record of there having been a notation to record it? – that is a system which represents the spiritually perceived language, through the use of written symbols.

Put this another way.  Did we as human beings ever record this language?

The answer appears to be yes, but sadly very much like the Word, this notation system appears to have been lost, or its meaning so corrupted it has lost any semblance of its former use.   In the next few paragraphs, I will outline some of the notation systems which appear to have been used to represent the Word and songlines


 I will look at the rune system in some detail, because it has a fascinating history and has currently become quite popular amongst ‘New Age’ people, but I will also take a look at some other early notations – cuneiform, ogham, and the kabbalic notation amongst others to see if any pattern can be deduced.



Greek cuneiform system


Chinese character symbols

Kabbalah symbols

African Igamm

Linear A or B script


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