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Heine, Heinrich - In the wild whirl of the dancers



Type of Spiritual Experience


The dance of death that is life

A description of the experience

Poems Selected from Heinrich Heine – by Kate Freiligrath Kroeker

In the wild whirl of the dancers
Press and turn the dancing couple
And the rolling drums are beaten
Still the clamorous trumpet soundeth

 'White as driven snow thy cheeks are'
Whispers Clara inward trembling
'At thy bidding I came hither'
Hollow ring Ramiro's accents
'Cold as ice I feel thy fingers'
Whispers Clara, thrilled with terror.
'At thy bidding I came hither'
And they rush on in the vortex
'Leave me, leave me, Don Ramiro
Like a corpse's scent thy breath is'
Once again the gloomy sentence
'At thy bidding I came hither'
Clara stiffens: deathly pallid
Numb with cold, with night encompassed
In a swoon the lovely creature
To the shadowy realm is wafted

The source of the experience

Heine, Heinrich

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