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Clark, Fay Marvin – Into the Light – Communicating with Adeline after death, and the disappearing hotel key



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Into the Light – Fay Marvin Clark

During the first six months following Adeline's physical death she appeared to me several times. These appearances were not dreams, but each time they occurred while I was reading.

On the first appearance, I became aware that someone was in the room. When I looked up, she was directly in front of me.

She seemed as real as while she was in the physical. She seated herself on the corner of the desk. I was staying in a motel at Lodi, California for the night. The conversation was brief, and I am certain that it was a mental conversation.

She asked, "Do you remember our experiments of mental creating and mentally dissolving our creations?"

We used to wonder if it would be possible for a discarnate entity to pick up a physical object and to leave with it. Adeline said, "Just watch, and I'll try it!" She then picked up the motel key by the plastic tab and, holding it firmly, she faded out. The key and her hand remained visible, then they, too disappeared from view.

Two weeks later I found the key in the bottom of a suitcase that I had not used on that trip. The demonstration made a deep impression on me, but it might be of little value to others.  To me it proved that she had the ability to raise the vibratory rate of the key to a point where it no longer was solid matter. The lowering of its rate, her leaving it in the suitcase was possibly just proof to me that it could be done.

On her second appearance, Adeline explained to me that if she again appeared to me it would no longer be in her earth-size form, but a very small replica of herself. She explained that she had moved to a different level and that it was much more convenient to solidify a form six inches tall, rather than one five feet, four inches tall. She stated that the mind and communication would be the same, regardless of the size of the image.

She has appeared to me twice since making that announcement. While her appearance is an exact replica of herself at about the age of thirty-five, her voice has taken on a more musical tone.

In answer to my mental-thought questions regarding the planes or levels of existence after leaving the physical body, Adeline stated that she did not believe there were clearly defined levels or planes, as most of our books stated, but that death involved a simple change of vibratory rate. She said that all matter, both animate and inanimate, is what it is and where it is because of its frequency or rate of vibration. She said that one apparently moves through various changes of frequency as his development or awareness changes; but that there was no distinct or abrupt change from one level to the next as we have been taught to believe. She likened it to a slow, rather gradual, everwidened spiral, rather than just levels.

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Clark, Fay Marvin

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