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Lethbridge, T C - A Step in the Dark – The spiral, the pendulum and ascension



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T C Lethbridge – A Step in the Dark

It is extremely improbable that the spiral is flat. Although it is difficult to demonstrate, it seems that it is an ascending spiral comparable to the rates. At the 40-inch point, it is probably 40 inches above the base point. In this again it is like a snail shell. One is accustomed to think of a snail as being point upwards and moving point forwards. In fact the point is the dead end of the whole affair. As the snail grows, so does the lip of the shell become larger, and, as it moves, the point is backwards or downwards.

So it is with our spiral.0 is far away and forgotten, and the whorls continue to grow larger round a central axis.

The central axis appears to be the vital factor, for it seems to be the axis of the individual himself around which the whorls grow and the rates are arranged. It is at right angles to the spiral, but parallel to the axis of every double-cone based on the spiral. Round that axis the double-cones swirl. They and the axis are not confined to the three dimensional world, but are something beyond it. The whole thing must always be moving through time. You are not always standing in one spot just swinging a pendulum. You move about in space and everything moves in time. You can move in any direction in space, but in only one direction in time. Therefore any diagram we may attempt to draw of our spiral will only be true for one exact instant, the present moment. A second forward, or a second back and the whole pattern will have moved. No one can tell in which direction it may move except someone who can appreciate all movement from outside. But some part of our make-up can apparently do this, as was shown in Prof. J. B. Rhine's now famous card experiments and by those seers who frequently prophesy correctly about future events. I have even done it myself.

Now, if there is a part of ourselves which is both outside time and also distance, why cannot we use it always and what is it?

Of course the answer to the first question must be that we are not meant to use it, for its use would remove the point of the whole experiment of living on this earth plane. We cannot use it because something happens at 40 which cuts off 39 from 41.

After 40 the rates appear fainter to us on this plane, but they may well be much stronger on the next. The answer to the second question is that it is a level of our mind and mind is distinct from brain, as I have tried to show in other books.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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