Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Introduction and description

Love is such a sadly misused word.  We love sweeties and chocolate, we love the latest fashions and the latest cars and the dress your friend is wearing. ‘Darling I luuurve that dress!’

No we don’t, we like them, we don’t love them.

To love is something more divine and more spiritual. 

Love does not mean ‘I like you because you do what I want, or you are the source of pleasure’.  A man lying next to his wife or mistress after having sex who says at that moment ‘I love you’, probably does not love her.  He is saying ‘I like the pleasure you give me’.

The wife who says to her husband ‘I love you’ may simply mean, ‘I like the fact you let me have your credit card to spend on clothes, and take me on nice holidays and lavish me with drink and presents’.  No, that is not love, it is linking pleasure or security with a person.

Love actually has nothing to do with pleasure.

To love something is to love what it or they are as themselves – the character and the attributes of that thing, without any thought of owning or receiving anything for that love.

If you take away the credit card, the nice holidays and the drink and presents from your wife, does she still love who you are?

If you take away the sex from your partner or husband, does he still love who you are?

A mother will undoubtedly love her child because she loves the person she has helped create.  A child may say it loves its mother, but we all know that children are fickle, they can love because mothers give so much.  A child may say ‘Mum I love you’ because the mother has just given it a cuddle or a hug or a plate of chips with sausages or helped them pass an exam.  The response is due to an act of love, but the child’s response is in reciprocation of the pleasure – nice enough – a sort of thank you, but true love tends to come with age, and maturity.

True love seeks no reward, seeks no pleasure, it looks for the intrinsic character and attributes of the person or animal or thing and it says, that I love for itself. 

In general, it is false to say you love your fellow man as a whole, because you do not know them.  But you may find yourself loving someone you have only briefly met and who you felt some instant love towards -  a love you had no thought of ever turning into anything other than appreciation that they crossed your path.  I have seen people on the tube [underground] whose smile and face, clothes and stance were lovable.

Love is a wonderful and strange thing.

 " There is a place you can touch a woman 
 that will drive her crazy. 
  Her heart." -


You may wonder why love is within the suppression category.  It is because Love of this genuine kind is not an emotion of high intensity, it is almost the opposite.  It is a sense of deep appreciative peace.  A sense of oneness without wanting, that suppresses all high Emotion. It is, to a large extent, the ultimate experience – this form of love - because it gives you complete peace of mind.

Once you know love of this sort, divine love follows.  Eros

Thus the principal spiritual experience that emanates from LOVE is Divine love

Human love is an attempted translation of Divine love.  Love of a human being can manifest itself in unselfishness, generosity, tenderness, kindness, sympathy, empathy and faithfulness.  Love of animals can manifest as kindness, caring, gentleness, and so on.  Love is the opposite of hate and hurt.  Thus whatever hurts is not love.

The ultimate input we receive from the spiritual world – is Divine love.  Love by the spiritual world of who we are.  There is a huge sense that you are wholly loved, it is an unquestioning love, a forgiving love, unconditional love. 

The feeling of ‘Divine love’ and benevolence that is experienced during this sort of spiritual experience is often accompanied by a sense that this experience must be shared, that the love the person receives must be ‘passed on’.

And one of the oddest aspects of this love input is that it does indeed seem to be ‘seated’ in the heart.  This is not a function that is stored in the brain as hardware processor.  The function of love and the receipt of love appears to be channelled via the heart.

Divine Love is the primary guiding force behind creation.  It is not restricted to just humans, it is a function which governs all of life.


I can’t give you a method.  I don’t know how it works or why it comes.  But it seems to be a function of the later stage of the Spiritual path.  That is all I know.

How it works

Love is its own driver.  It works in a way which is unique on this website.  Through love we obtain love.


The best of all methods and experiences even though I don’t know how it works.



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