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Luiseno - Native American Indians - Creation Myth



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Luiseno – The Creation Myth [Native American Indians]

In the beginning all was empty space.  Ke-vish-a-tak-vish was the only being.  This was called Om-ai-ya-mai, signifying emptiness, nobody there..........

Then Ke-vish-a-tak-vish made a man, Tukmit, the sky and a woman To-mai-yo-vit, the Earth.  There was no light, but in the darkness these two became conscious of each other. 

‘Who are you’ asked the man

‘I am Tu-mai-yo-vit.  I am stretched, I am extended.  Shake I resound I am diminished, I am earthquake, I revolve, I roll, I disappear.  And who are you?’

‘I am Ke-vish-a-tak-vish.  I am night. I am inverted, I cover, I rise, I devour, I drain, I seize, I send away the souls of men, I cut, I sever life’

‘Then you are my brother’

‘Then you are my sister’

And by her brother the sky; the earth conceived and became the mother of all things

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Native American Indians

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