Spiritual concepts


Everything in the universe is ‘made’ from a form of ‘energy’.  The word energy is the closest word I could find to describe it.  In every culture, religion or system it has a different name.

This energy is not electromagnetic nor can it be detected with any of our normal instruments. We cannot perceive it with our 5 senses.

As perceived by the mystic or visionary explorer it is described as ‘vibrational energy’ in certain states, but it can also be still – not vibrating – still and silent. It does not ‘flow’.

This power is not created nor is it deleted or destroyed, it simply exists and is used or not.

Furthermore, the energy so described did not have a start point in creation, nor does it have a point where it will cease to exist….

It is inexhaustible and infinite….

Its ‘quantity’ is constant. It cannot be augmented or diminished. 

It is not matter, but it is used to form matter. Thus we can say that this ‘stuff’ is the building block of all that exists in the universe.

It is not ‘system’ but it is the stuff of which the systems of the universe are made.

Although without form, it is possible that it can act as the medium by which all forms of intercommunication takes place. 

It is the lowest common denominator of all things created, the energy from which everything is made - the ultimate raw energy. 

It has always been and will always be.

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