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Tzu, Lao - The Tao is like an empty vessel



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Lao Tzu – Tao Teh Ching

The Tao is like an empty vessel
That yet may be drawn from without ever needing it to be filled
It is bottomless; the very progenitor of all things in the world
It is like a deep pool that never dries
I do not know whose child it could be
It looks as if it were prior to God


When you look at it you cannot see it
It is called formless
When you listen to it you cannot hear it
It is called soundless
When you try to seize it you cannot hold it
It is called subtle

No one can measure these three to their ultimate ends
Therefore they are fused to one

It is up, but it is not brightened
It is down, but it is not obscured
It stretches endlessly
And no name is to be given

It returns to nothingness
It is called formless form, shapeless shape
It is called the intangible
You face it but you cannot see its front
You follow it but you cannot see its back
Holding on to the Ancient way [Tao]
You control beings of today
Thus you know the beginning of things
Which is the essence of the Way

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Tzu, Lao

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