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Bruno, Giordano – Cause, principle and unity - 10 The Fifth Dialogue



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Giordano Bruno – from Cause, principle and unity

In infinite duration, an hour is no different from a day, a day from a year, a year from a century; a century from an instant, because neither moments nor hours exist anymore than do centuries, and because none is more commensurable with eternity than another.

Similarly, in the immensity, the palm is not different from the stadium, nor the stadium from the parasang, because the parasang is no nearer the immensity's proportions than is the stadium. Hence, there are no more infinite hours than there are infinite centuries, nor infinite palms in greater number than infinite parasangs.

You come no nearer to commensurability, likeness, union and identity with the infinite by being a man than by being an ant, or by being a star than by being a man, for you get no nearer to that infinite being by being the sun or the moon than by being a man, or an ant.

This is because, in the infinite, there is no difference between those things – and what I say of them applies just as well to all other existent particular things.

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Bruno, Giordano

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