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D T Suzuki

Buddhist philosophy considers trisna or tanha the first principle of making things come into existence.  In the beginning there is trisna.  It wills to have a form in order to express itself, which means to assert itself.  In other words, when it asserts itself it takes form.  As trisna is inexhaustible, the forms it takes are infinitely varied.  Trisna wants to see and we have eyes, it wants to hear and we have ears, it wants to jump and we have the deer, the rabbit and other animals of this order; it wants to fly and we have birds of all kinds, it want to swim and we have fish wherever there are waters; it wants to bloom and we have flowers, it wants to shine and we have stars.  Trisna creates a world of infinite diversities.  It will never exhaust itself.

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Suzuki, D T

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