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Lemaitre, Georges - Letter to Nature - The programmed universe



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In the beginning very little system existed - spirit programmed with quanta [unit of energy] was confined to the Ultimate Intelligence.  Then as the Ultimate Intelligence created the systems more software of the universe - more functions resulted.

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Letters to Nature - Nature 127, 706 (9 May 1931) | doi:10.1038/127706b0 - The Beginning of the World from the Point of View of Quantum Theory. - G. LEMAÎTRE

…..the present state of quantum theory suggests a beginning of the world very different from the present order of Nature. Thermodynamical principles from the point of view of quantum theory may be stated as follows :

(1) Energy of constant total amount is distributed in discrete quanta.

 (2) The number of distinct quanta is ever increasing.

 If we go back in the course of time we must find fewer and fewer quanta, until we find all the energy of the universe packed in a few or even in a unique quantum.

……………..If the world has begun with a single quantum, the notions of space and time would altogether fail to have any meaning at the beginning; they would only begin to have a sensible meaning when the original quantum had been divided into a sufficient number of quanta.

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Lemaître, Georges

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