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Jami - Misc Quote - On Qu’ran L15



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The Shaik (may God be well pleased with him) says in the Fass I Shu’aibi that the universe consists of accidents all pertaining to a single substance, which is the Reality underlying all existences. 

This universe is changed and renewed unceasingly at every moment and at every breath.  Every instant one universe is annihilated and another resembling it takes its place, though the majority of men do not perceive this, as God most glorious has said ‘But they are in doubt regarding the new creation (Qu’ran L15) ….

They have not grasped the fact that the universe, together with all its parts, is nothing but a number of accidents, ever changing and being renewed at every breath, and linked together in a single substance and at each instant disappearing and being replaced by a similar set.  In consequence of this rapid succession, the spectator is deceived into the belief that the universe is a permanent existence.

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