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Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Infinite - Levels and layers



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The Elements was another name for the levels and layers

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Emmanuel Swedenborg –The Infinite and the final cause of creation

By a peculiar membraneous connectedness and contiguity ascending from gross to subtle, the elemental contiguum conspires with the bodily contiguum, which produces analogous effects in the body and in the elements, with only the difference, that the contiguum in the body is enclosed in space and undergoes tension and fluxion from one end to the other.  Whereas in the elements, there is no end or enclosed spaces, for the whole universe is their space and field.  And consequently the membranes are designed to enable the motions to be confined to space and enclosed within boundaries.  In short, a motion similar to the elemental exists not only in the elements, but also in the membrane of the body which latter have their peculiar boundaries …………

As the elements fix their tremulous and undulating motions in the membranes, they retain their own laws and these the most perfectly harmonic, in the purest form and in the most exact manner in the latter and the membranes cannot stir a single step without those laws……………   from the nerves equally with the membranes we learn the nature of these laws and are taught that they are the laws of harmonic proportion, which is always in relation to distance from a centre.

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Swedenborg, Emanuel

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