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Thousands of Golden Important Prescriptions for Emergency; Scroll no 27, Temperament cultivation



Type of Spiritual Experience


Shen = Higher spirit

Xin = Subconscious

Qi = Energy and spirit

Yi = Conscious mind

A description of the experience

Too much longing, then the Shen will be precarious
Too much of obsession, then the Will will be dispersed
Too much of desires, the aspiration will be bewildered
Too much of labouring, then the body will be weary
Too much of talking then the Qi is exhausted
Too  much of worry, then the Xin is fearful
Too much stimulation, then the Yi will be too active
Too much of pleasure, then mistakes and confusion
Too much anger, then hundreds of meridians are not steady
Too much of indulgence, then the mind becomes selfish
Too much of wickedness, then emaciation and misery
If these things cannot be removed, then Guardian and managing Qi
Will lose control and the Qi will circulate in disorder.
This is the basic cause of death.

The source of the experience


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Science Items

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