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Einstein, Albert - E=mc2



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We are all familiar with the following mass–energy equivalence formula. The formula states that from ‘energy’ is derived mass and electromagnetic radiation.  We may also look at it in another way and say that mass and energy are the same thing, so that every mass has an energy equivalent, and vice versa. The mystics simply say  - and have said for thousands of years - that mass is ‘coalesced’ energy.  

 E = m c2

 Where E = energy;  m = mass ; and c = the speed of light in a vacuum (celeritas), (about 3×108 m/s)

Mass energy equivalence was proposed by Albert Einstein in 1905.  What may not be at first clear is that Einstein’s energy is the mystic’s energy.  It is Tao, it is Qi, it is Mana and Prana.  Modern Physicists will disagree, but that is what is being described.  If you ‘program’ this energy – increase the vibrational level - you get mass and electromagnetic radiation.


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Einstein, Albert

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