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Ogotommeli - Water and Copper



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Stone here is probably literal, but I have put the link to the symbol too.

Also, there is the possibility that copper is not being used symbolically, again I have put the link but I think it has here another meaning.

I think copper is what we would call electromagnetic energy.  E= mc2

A description of the experience

Conversations with Ogotommeli – Professor Marcel Griaule

Ogotommeli used the terms water and Nummo indiscriminately [I think the translation should be interchangeably here].

‘Without Nummo’ he said ‘it was not even possible to create the earth, for the earth was moulded clay and it is from water that its life is derived.

‘What life is there in the earth?’ asked the European.

‘The life force of the earth is water, the earth was moulded with water.  Blood too he made out of water.  Even in a stone there is this force… but if Nummo is water, it also produces copper…

‘Copper’ he said ‘belongs to the Nummo; he is copper, he excretes copper.  Very good!  But then he could take back the metal at any time and in any place and not merely when anyone carrying it passes by water’

‘Did I not tell you ….  that copper is also water?  To pass with the metal near certain waters is to risk seeing it return to water and to be carried away with it oneself’

In fact if copper is closely connected with the Nummo and he is water, the liquid and the metal are of the same essence.

‘The sun’ said he ‘is a burnt up land surrounded by a spiral of copper raised to a state of incandescence which gives it its diurnal motion, which in turn gives light and life to the universe.  The sun is, so to say, molten copper, in proof of which the metal in the fire throws off rays like those of the sun.  But these rays, as I have told you, draw up moisture and make clouds.  They are the channels by which the water passes, they are water.  … this is why they are called ‘copper water’

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