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Spinoza, Baruch - Ethics - Energy and vacuums



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There are two key arguments in Spinoza’s philosophical statement.  The assumption that between the 'electrons and protons and neutrons' of an atom there is somehow ‘space’ is nonsensical, because ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’.  And if it is not space it must be something.

Next, if it is something, it has to be the same something everywhere.  That ‘corporeal substance’ as he calls it – the substance of which the physical universe is made is the basic and fundamental building block – energy.

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Spinoza – Ethics

… since, therefore there is no vacuum in Nature, but all its parts must so concur that there is no vacuum, it follows also that they cannot be really distinguished, that is, that corporeal substance, insofar as it is a substance, cannot be divided.

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Spinoza, Baruch

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