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Pauli, Wolfgang - Letter [Zollikon-Zurich] 28th October 1946 [Handwritten]



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Letter [Zollikon-Zurich] 28th October 1946 [Handwritten]


The "Blond" is standing next to me. In an ancient book I am reading about the Inquisition trials against the disciples of the teachings of Copernicus (Galileo, Giordano Bruno) as well as about Kepler's image of the Trinity.

Then the Blond says: "The men whose wives have objectified rotation are being tried." These words upset me greatly: The Blond disappears, and to my consternation the book also becomes a dream image: I find myself in a courtroom with the other accused men. I want to send my wife a message, and I write a note: "Come at once, I am on trial." It is getting dark, and for a long time I cannot find anyone to give the note to. But finally a Negro comes along and says in a friendly way that he will deliver the note to mywife.

Soon after the Negro has left with the note, my wife turns up in fact and says to me: "You forgot to say good night to me." Now it starts to get lighter, and the situation is as it was at the beginning (except that my wife is now present, too): The "Blond" is standing next to me once more, and I am reading the ancient book again. Then the Blond says to me sadly (apparently referring to the book):

"The judges do not know what rotation or revolution is, and that is why they cannot understand the men." with the insistent voice of a teacher, he goes on to say:

 "But you know what rotation is!"

"Of course" is my immediate reply, "The circulation of the blood and the circulation of Light-all that is part of the basic rudiments." (This seemed to be a reference to psychology, but the word is never mentioned.) Whereupon the Blond says: "Now you understand the men whose wives have  objectified their rotation for them."

Then I kiss my wife and say to her: "Good night.  It is terrible what these poor people who have been charged are going through!" I grow very sad and start crying. But the Blond says with a smile:

"Now you've got the first key in your hand."

At this point I woke up and was quite shaken.

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Pauli, Wolfgang

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