Spiritual concepts

Energy recycling

Energy is recycled as part of the ongoing process of Creation and Destruction

  • In order that our Functions work we are powered by incoming energy. 
  • In turn we produce Perceptions which are themselves a form of energy [programmed energy].

Both are important, and there is thus implied a sort of recycling of energy that takes place.  The supply of energy is the same all the time it just has lots of different forms when viewed from the perspective of any one thing – sometimes it is input sometimes it is output [see also Cone]. 

Spiritual energy in the form of output ‘rises’ and is therefore described as ‘hot’ or ‘warm energy’ – all allegorical this, it is intended to help to describe the flow of energy.  As it ascends it allegorically turns into clouds – vapour.

Spiritual energy which descends is ‘cool’ or ‘cold’ energy.

This recycling occurs for all things and there is a connection here with the concept of the Abyss.



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