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Faraday, Michael - Defining the nature of electromagnetic forces while in a state of intuitive vision



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I could find no direct accounts of Faraday having had visions or hallucinations, but this quote implies that he received simular insights to, for example, Einstein

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Manic Depression and Creativity – D Jablow Hershman and Dr Julian Lieb
Michael Faraday, who suffered from recurrent depression, defined the nature of light and electromagnetic forces while in a state of intuitive vision and thereby developed one of the foundations of physics although lacking any formal training in mathematics.

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Sir James Jeans – The Mysterious Universe
The properties it needed to fulfil this function had been defined with ever increasing precision by Huygens, Thomas Young, Faraday and Maxwell.  It was thought of as a jelly like sea through which waves could travel, just as vibrations or undulations travel through a jelly.

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Faraday, Michael

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