Spiritual concepts


Everything in the spirit world is organised around classes of things – Spirit Entities – and those Spirit Entities consist of the Class Name [see Names] and  the Functions that are part of that class.  

But, because they are conscious, they also have a Will , the Creativity and Imagination functions, Reasoning, and so on. They also have a number of Attributes.

 In effect, both the Creator of systems and the systems themselves – the Created  are ‘one’ as such Creator and Created are just views of the overall Intelligence hierarchy. 

 Name  Attribute 1, Attribute 2, Attribute 3  Function 1, Function 2, Function 3

 But to perhaps make it simpler to understand we can also use the analogy of the software computer package world, which is not quite right, but may be easier to understand

  • The Creator  -  constructs the systems of the universe, all the functions of the universe that animate it.  So analogously like a master computer package developer. 
  • The Created - are the functions – the package that has been created, but it is the master copy.

All Spirit entities are then the  sum total of both Creator and Created


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