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Guru Granth - Bilaval 02



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Guru Granth – page 840 Bilaaval, First Mehl – the Lunar days, tenth house, to the drum beat Jat

Amaavas – The Night of the New Moon

The moon is hidden in the sky
O wise one, understand and contemplate the Word of the Shabad
The moon in the sky illuminates three worlds
Creating the Creation, the Creator beholds it

One who sees through the Guru, merges into Him

The self willed manmukhs are deluded
coming and going in reincarnation
One who establishes his home within his own heart
Obtains the most beautiful permanent place
One comes to understand his own self
when he finds the True Guru
Whenever there is hope
there is destruction and desolation
The bowl of duality and selfishness breaks

Prays Nanak, I am the slave of that one
who remains detached amidst the traps of attachment

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