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Mircea Eliade - Australian aboriginal Bunjil



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Mircea Eliade – Patterns in Comparative religion

 The Supreme Being of the Kulin tribes is called  Bunjil; he dwells high in the heavens, beyond the 'dark heavens' (it is to this dark heaven that medicine men ascend, as to a mountain top); there another divine figure, Gargomitch, welcomes them and intercedes for them with Bunjil.....

It was Bunjil who created the earth, trees, animals and man himself (whom he fashioned of clay, breathing a soul into him through his nose, the mouth and the navel)  But Bunjil, having given his son Bimbeal power of the earth and his daughter Karakarook power over the sky, has himself withdrawn from the world.  He stays above the clouds, like a 'lord' with a great sword in his hand………………

Baiame, the supreme divinity among the tribes of South-East Australia (Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, Euahlayi), dwells in the sky, beside a stream of water and receives the souls of the innocent.  He sits on a crystal throne; the sun and moon are …. his eyes.  Thunder is his voice; he causes the rain to fall; in this sense too he is the Creator.  For Baiame is self created and has created everything from nothing.... Other tribes of the East coast (Muring etc) believe in a similar divine being, Daramulum

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