Symbols - What does heaven look like


Crystals symbolically represent Forms that have been formed into Templates by putting together the mathematical shapes described in Form and geometry and Platonic solids.

The concepts behind the symbolism are thus quite complex, but the symbolism is perfect,  as they both show the concept of the basic mathematical building blocks of form but also because they are mostly transparent also show the symbolic link with Spirit.

“matter exists but it is as if it did not exist because one can see through it”

Most crystals also have the look about them of ice and this also adds to the helpful symbolism.  The vibrational levels of energy   are symbolically represented within the Levels and Layers  using the symbolism of what happens to water as you heat or cool it.  Ice is solidified water and water is symbolically spirit.


A single crystal occasionally has a different symbolic meaning to crystals in the plural.

 A single crystal is a step towards being a diamond!

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