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The lady who levitated quite spontaneously after a visit from a faith healer



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Hugo Muensterberg - Psychotherapy 1909

[This experience is that of a lady who experienced it quite spontaneously, during an illness, after a visit from a faith healer].

I suddenly had a sensation of being lifted up or rising slowly and becoming lighter in body. A rush of power that I have no way of describing to you filled me. I seemed to be a tremendous dynamo in the air several inches above the ground and still ascending, when I noticed everything around me becoming prismatic and more or less translucent. I could have walked on water without sinking . . . Matter seemed to be disintegrating and dissolving around me. I remained in this state for about three hours, my consciousness seeming to have reached almost cosmic greatness . . . At the end of the day, towards twilight, the condition left me, and like the sudden dropping of a weight, I struck the ground, the same dull, ordinary Person of everyday experience, but with the vast difference of perfect health, radiant and lasting to the Present writing.

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