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Warde Leade, Jane - Revelations of Revelations



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Her period of angst was caused by the death of her husband, which of course was also accompanied by considerable grief. When he died in 1670, she was left utterly bereft and penniless.  So we have a double catastrophe – the death of a loved one [see grief] and the fear of destitution – a mind in turmoil  -  angst.

Not long afterwards came her spiritual experiences,  Leade declared herself a 'Bride of Christ' and proceeded to transcribe her subsequent visions.

A description of the experience

Jane Warde Leade – Revelations of Revelations

The Lord took me away from my mortal part and showed me the situation of this great glory, and said, Behold, and see the pattern of the heavenly houses and mansions …...

 I shall, as I am able, describe what I saw in the heavens of this Mother City… who is to bring forth her first and free-born to replenish the New Earth and Heavens.  It appeared as a city founded upon one square stone, whose dimensions were very large. It was all paved with light flaming colours, appearing like so many various sparkling stones, inlaid on the great Foundation-Stone, which gave forth a luster as if so many bright suns had been there.

Towards the verge (or outside) of this square stone were seen many seraphic bodies, wreathing arm in arm, and several rows of various spiritual forms, of different ranks and stature. These rows appeared like the stories of a building, which were carried up higher and higher in a square figure, till it was wonderfully high. And upon the heads of the most inward glorified bodies, a covering was spread by one more diaphanous, and of greater splendour than all the rest. The height of his person was higher by the head than all the others; who called to me from out of this most glorious building, to take good heed of all I had seen: for it had a further meaning which I was to have revealed, when driven by the Spirit into the Light-Mystery, where all deep things are opened.

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Warde Leade, Jane

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