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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh - Jawami al-kalim - Malakat and Barzhak



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Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’I – Jawami al-kalim  [translated by Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson]

…there is the lower, or terrestrial world; this is the world of material bodies…the world visible to the senses.  Then there is the world of Souls, which is the world of Malakut.  The world of the barzakh, which is the world intermediate between the visible material world and the world of the Malakut is another universe.  It is a material world that is other.  To put it differently the world of bodies.. constitutes what we call the visible, material world.  The world of [barzakh] is – the world of matter in the subtle state, which is other.

As for its position it is situated in the ‘eighth climate’.  Its lower plane borders on the convex surface that define the directions of space.  It is not itself in a dimension or direction of our space, since there is nothing beyond the convexity of the supreme celestial sphere that defines orientations; or rather, it has no spatial beyond.  Nevertheless, the lower plane of the world of Hurqalya corresponds, by its position, to the highest degree of the supreme sphere, that which is called the ‘crystalline sphere’

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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh

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