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Guillaume de Deguileville - Le Pelerinage de l'ame



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Guillaume de Deguileville (1295 - before 1358) was a French Cistercian and writer. His authorship is shown by one acrostic in Le Pèlerinage de la Vie Humaine, two in Le Pèlerinage de l'Âme, and one in Le Pèlerinage de Jhesucrist. These acrostics take the form of a series of stanzas, each beginning with a letter of Deguileville's name.

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The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious – C G Jung

There is a very similar case in the visions of Guillaume de Digulleville which are described in Le Pelerinage de l'ame.  He saw God in the highest heaven as the King on a shining round throne and beside him sat the Queen of heaven on a throne of brown crystal.  For a monk of the Cistercian Order, which as we know is distinguished for its severity, this vision is exceedingly heretical

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