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"Le Soldat de Marathon"  by Luc Olivier Merson.

Within the system of correspondences, Thrones has a specific meaning - see  Intelligences and their synonyms.

But where a person had gained a certain level within the Mystery religions, he or she was allowed to be seated.  Thus any seated figure whether the figure is one in the Ancient Egyptian system, or is in the Tarot or is in the Feudal system signified a certain level of achievement spiritually.

The Throne is thus the symbol of the seated figure given they have to sit on something!

Thus, for example, in the Tarot, the King and Queen are seated, as are the Emperor and Empress and the High Priestess.  Interestingly, the Hierophant may or may not be.  The Fool never is, simply because he [or she] is beyond this system, being a fallen star.



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