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King and Queen


King and Queen (Salvador Dali)

The symbolism of the king and queen revolves around the crown chakra.  Once the crown chakra has been opened and spiritual input and spiritual output allowed to flow, then the person is said to be enlightened [see Types of Spiritual experience] and figuratively speaking has received a crown

If they are male [or a lesbian] then they may be shown symbolically the picture of a king.  If they are female or a gay man then they may be shown the symbol of a queen – which is where homosexual men get the term Queen from –an enlightened homosexual man

Once the crown chakra has been opened, in symbolic terms you have been ‘promoted’.  Up until that point, you are simply a prince or a princess [pawn] on the spiritual path.

The entire game of chess is built around this allegory

The Tarot card pack also incorporates the Queen and King figures. 

More details about the way the King and Queen role has evolved over time can be found in the page King and Queen and politics


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