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The Great Initiates – Edouard Schuré

If it is absolutely necessary, one can isolate the political history of a peoples, but one cannot isolate their religious history…. The history of a religion will always be limited, superstitious and false; nothing is true except the total religious history of mankind.  At this level one only feels the currents that encircle the globe.

The Egyptian people, of all humanity the most independent and isolated from external influences, could not escape this universal law. Five thousand years before our time, the light of Rama, kindled in lran, shone upon Egypt and became the law of Ammon-Ra, the solar god of Thebes. This establishment enabled him to brave many revolutions. Menes was the first king of justice, the first Pharaoh to carry out this law. He was careful not to take from Egypt her former theology, which was his also.

He simply confirmed and expanded it by adding to it a new social organization. The priests were given the task of instruction as a first council; judges were assigned to another; government to both; royalty was conceived of as their task, and subject to their control; the relative independence of the nomes of provinces was the foundation of society.

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