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Rumi - Divani Shamsi Tabriz - Twere better that the spirit



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Selected Poems from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz of Rumi translated by R A Nicholson

‘Twere better that the spirit which wears not true love as a garment
had not been; its being is but shame;
be drunken in love, for love is all that exists;
without the dealing of love there is no entrance to the Beloved
they say ‘what love?’
say ‘Renunciation of will’
whoso has not escaped from will, no will hath he
the lover is a monarch; two worlds lie at his feet
the king pays no heed to what lies at his feet
‘tis love and the lover that live to all eternity;
set not thy heart on aught else; ‘tis only borrowed

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Rumi, Jalaladdin

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